The Interactive Voice | A Web Workshop
Ended April 17
Robert Kalm

Is there a story you want to tell? A project you wish to start?

The world is increasingly distracted and it’s hard to find time for personal and important goals. Some blame the Internet for the frenzy, but you can also use the Internet to focus an ambition and make it happen.

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Online, you can reach people. You can share your history with extended family across the country. You can publish recipes or poems or photographs for friends. You can gather a group to make a video, start a business, or help the community.

There is no better resource for communication and project-planning than the Web. Too many of us don't use our smart devices well and are instead used by them.

For eight years, I’ve taught all kinds of people how to use the Internet the way they want. I’m teaching my second Osher course at Dartmouth this spring to help people in the Upper Valley move their unique ideas and projects online.

I love New Hampshire. I’ve gone back and forth between the White Mountains and New York City my entire life to reflect and create in the country and then interact and share in the city.

Now we can all create and share from anywhere.

Join me for an introduction, Tuesday evening, March 27th, at the Dartmouth Outing Club.

ROBERT KALM is an Emmy award-winning media pro­ducer and a professor at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, where he designs graduate interactive media courses like The Interactive Voice. Kalm has a BFA in Film from the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, where he also studied at the Stern School of Business. His MFA in Writing is from WCSU. He is sponsored by the artist collective Fractured Atlas.

This seven week workshop costs $80. Register online using the link above.


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