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Braving the Mud for Beer in Braintree

            Bent Hill Brewery is a bit off the beaten path, up in the hinterlands of Braintree. Although the operation is being tempted to move its tasting house to downtown Randolph, the remote location does not prevent dozens of fans from trekking up Bent Hill every week to sample their tasty, creative brews.

            The brewery mascots, three delightful dogs named Barley, Gidget, and Tobin, greet visitors upon arrival, creating an immediate positive impression.

            The little tasting room was jammed Saturday, with folks spilling outside onto the patio despite the snow and mud. It’s not hard to see why – Bent Hill brews unique beers, in small batches, and changes offerings often.

The beer names and descriptions are spelled out in Scrabble tiles!

            The Bent Hill mission statement reflects this terrific spirit, as they seek “to provide high quality artisanal brews for any type of beer lover, as well as making drinking your favorite beer a little more fun which will allow for lots of laughs! If you like real beers with a little attitude, Bent Hill Brewery is just for you!”

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            Indeed, on our visit we began with the Blood Orange Double IPA – originally they used orange zest for flavoring, but have now abandoned that technique in favor of simply squeezing in the juice. It sounded a little scary, but it provided just a subtle hint of orange and was quite tasty.

            The Better Day IPA was safe but not really remarkable to our palates.

            We took a chance on the Cherry Graham Crackers Ale, and loved it! Not sure how they pulled it off, but it was a darker beer featuring both named flavors in just the right measure – it really lived up to the brewery’s reputation.

            We also liked the Gracious Thoughts Juniper and Changa Black IPA. Although our server noted that this batch came out much lighter than the first, that’s the fun of drinking Bent Hill beers, always an adventure.

            Finally, we went home with a growler of Backcountry Stash Dry-Hopped Red Ale.

            Bent Hill Brewery has a great, informative Facebook page which they do an outstanding job of updating almost daily. For directions, hours (only open Thursday – Sunday afternoons!), and information on current brews, take a look.

            North Hollow Humdingers highly recommends a visit. 


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