PHOTOS: Three arrested after fight in the beer aisle at Walmart in West Lebanon early Saturday evening

Blue light special as eight police cruisers from four towns respond

 WEST LEBANON, NH - Three Vermont residents were arrested following a bloody fight that broke out next to the beer aisle inside the West Lebanon Walmart just before 7 p.m. Saturday evening.

    "I was actually checking out and I heard two people yelling and noticed the cops were running in," recalled witness Mitchell Clemons of Tennessee.  "When I walked back there to take a look they had already tackled one guy to the ground and he wasn't resisting."

    "The other guy was resisting the police and he was yelling and screaming," Clemons recalled, "That was the guy they were having a hard time with."

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    "There was a big pool of blood," on the floor of the aisle where the altercation took place, Clemons said, adding that during the first few minutes of the incident, "People were just watching.  When the screaming started everybody got a little worried about what was going on because it got really loud."

    Clemons and other witnesses said four to five people appeared to have been involved and much of the shouting that was taking place was in Spanish although one man repeatedly stated "You hit me first!" in English.

    Due to an initial phone call to dispatchers from the store that stated a large fight was in progress and that one of the parties involved had allegedly mentioned having a gun, responding Lebanon police officers requested backup and so officers from Hartford, Hanover and Plainfield also responded to the incident along with two of Lebanon's ambulances and a fire engine.

    Lebanon Police Sgt. Jeff Perkins said the report of a possible firearm turned out to be unfounded and that police had quickly gained control of the situation.  

    "It was an argument which broke out among people who knew each other and then it was a fight between two guys," Sgt. Perkins explained, adding, "We'll have charges against the two guys and a girl who got involved as well."

Lebanon Police Sgt. Jeff Perkins at the incident Saturday night

    The man who was on the floor was transported to the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in an ambulance while the other two suspects were taken to the police station in police cruisers.

    The store remained open throughout the incident and - briefly at one point during the approximately an hour that police were present at the store - smiling Walmart greeters told nervous patrons who were marveling at all the emergency vehicles arrayed out front, "It was just a fight. It was just a fight."

UPDATE:  Police have released the names of those involved and the charges they face.

 To view that new story click:  Police say Walmart fight was over money

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