Accidental gunshot blows up toilet at Cumberland Farms in Wilder

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No one hurt in loud mishap

WILDER - Police temporarily seized a Glock handgun but said that criminal charges are unlikely to be filed in connection with what is being described as an accidental discharge of a firearm that took place inside the men's restroom at the Cumberland Farms convenience store in Wilder around 4 p.m. Thursday afternoon.

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    "It's a complete mess.  There are pieces of ceramic everywhere," said a probation officer who had a look at what remained of the restroom's toilet shortly after the incident took place.

    Hartford Police did not release the name of the man, whom they said was in the process of pulling his pants back up when the gun went off, but witnesses who were inside the store at the time said they did not recognize him as anyone from the immediate area.

    Patrons and store employees heard a loud bang throughout the store and one witness said their first thought was that a set of heavy glass doors must have fallen off one of the coolers.

    A police officer who responded to the incident said that while the investigation has yet to be finalized the gun owner appeared to be just a "Joe Citizen" who was legally carrying a firearm and was not injured in the mishap. 

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