Designer Gold Classic - Back To Our Roots

“Everything old is new again” –Bob Fosse: Handlebar mustaches. Circle skirts. Craft beers. High top sneakers. Vintage Jewelry. Classic is the new “new.” And Designer Gold is classic all the way.

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Forty years ago Paul Gross started Designer Gold as a place to imagine, create, and sell his handmade jewelry. His goal was to make beautiful jewelry that would stand the test of time. As his business transformed from a small studio producing only Paul’s work to a gallery that included artists from all over the country, he maintained his own classic look. Heading into 2018, he yearned to simplify his business and to give himself more time to create. Today, Designer Gold has returned to Paul’s roots, to the days when his studio produced all the jewelry in the gallery.

This transformation has given Paul the opportunity to express his artistic vision through his incredible limited edition and one-of-a-kind designs available online and in our gallery. In addition, he now has time to spend creating even more custom masterpieces for our valued clients, who have come to know Paul as one of the most creative and dedicated jewelers in the business.

 One of the added benefits of working with just one artist in the gallery is the ability to launch special exhibits. Currently, we have two: a range of found-objects jewelry and sculpture by Jeff Georgantes, the director and instructor of the Claflin jewelry studio at Dartmouth, and an exhibit of colorful and fascinating mineral specimens that Paul has collected over the years.

 Fashion changes with the seasons, but classics never go out of style. We can’t wait to see what “new classics” will be produced as Paul and Designer Gold enters this season of rebirth.  


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