Who's hiding behind this terrifying mask of many 'Facets'?

Wouldn't we all like to know. Unless you're one of a growing number of people who happen to have encountered this individual and wound up with your portrait and profile on DailyUV—then you know just who we're talking about. 

In a short time, the new blog called Facets has turned into quite the click magnet. Highlighting the various, multi-faceted folks of the Upper Valley, this blogger is showing us ourselves, and reminds us that though our region stretches far in every direction, the people—their faces, their stories—remain familiar.

I get that you want to keep your identity shrouded in Banksy-esque mystery, but what can you safely tell us about your Upper Valley story?

I’ve lived and worked in the Upper Valley for nearly 25 years. When I first moved here, I knew 3 people and wondered if I’d ever feel comfortable or have friends here. That seems funny now. This is my home.

I’m not trying to be mysterious about my identity—I just don’t want Facets to be about me in any way. It’s about the people being profiled. So I’d just rather not attach my name.

How did you arrive at the idea to start Facets?

I’ve been thinking about this concept for a couple of years. I wanted to create snapshot portraits of people who make this place what it is. At first I thought I would take up residence at a local diner and spend hours interviewing the waitstaff, the kitchen staff and the patrons. But when I finally found the time to turn the concept into reality, limiting myself to a diner seemed silly. The Upper Valley is huge. How could I find facets from across the Upper Valley if I stayed in one place? So I am not limiting myself to any venue. In addition, although I initially thought Facets would be about people only, I’m now including images of places in the Upper Valley on Facets and inviting readers to identify where the places are. We’ll see. It could be fun.

How do you approach the people you feature? Are most of the people you’ve met before, or are some of them (to you) strangers?

There are no rules. I approach complete strangers and people I’ve just met and - much less often - people I know. It actually takes some courage to approach a complete stranger and ask them to talk to you about their life. I’ve met incredibly interesting people. Everyone has a story. It’s nice to scratch beneath the surface. I have an endless supply of material.

Anybody turned you down yet?

Yes, but so far only two people.

Your post on Ed the scale technician at the Lebanon Waste Facility kind of caught fire. People LOVE that guy. Any idea how Ed’s local viral moment has changed his life?

Well, I know he has more subscribers to his wine blog!. But beyond that, I’m not sure his Facets profile actually changed his life.

Piggy, fan of James Cameron's early work

Let’s talk about Piggy, your sweet, bedroom-eyed dog. According to her profile, we’re heading into her favorite time of year: mud season. Is Piggy a roll-around-in-the-muck-and-track-it-through-the-house kind of person (because dogs are people), or is she just glad that winter’s on its way out?

Wow, I wish I knew what Piggy was thinking. She definitely has some roll-around-in-the-muck-and-track-it-through-the-house in her, but she’s pretty happy all year round. If you’re wondering about her ancestry, she is a Labrador-Bassett Hound-Pit Bull mix. Someone thought that mix would be amusing.

And Piggy’s favorite movie is The Terminator? How’d you find that out?

She told me, of course.

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