The People of Whaleback

Whaleback's staff work to make your ski experience consistently great. It's not too late to ski the Whale! We're open all weekend!

A lot goes into making a successful ski season at your community mountain. One of the key reasons Whaleback has become such a great place to gather--for Thursday Night Race League, after school ski lessons, and Saturday family ski days--is the staff who works to make your experience the best it can be. 

Adam Kaufman, Whaleback's General Manager, knows that the people you meet at Whaleback are a huge part of the reason you'll keep returning, season after season. He says, "Our staff are what helps to make your experience as magical and fun as possible! Guest service representatives are likely the first you’ll meet, followed by the rental shop, kitchen and bar staff and perhaps ski or snowboard instructors. Once you go outside you’ll be greeted by our friendly lift operations staff as you load one of Whaleback’s 4 lifts. Our Ski patrollers (and our resident ski patrol dog Iko) are always around to assist if needed and provide general guidance."

Here are the stories of just a few of the staff members who work behind-the-scenes to give you a great skiing experience:

Caleb Bailey, Snow Maker/Lift Technician: Caleb loves snow, and snowboarding, so it's only natural that his job is to make sure the quality of snow on Whaleback is as good as possible. He's constantly checking the snow guns to make sure they're making light, fluffy snow exactly where he wants it. He's just as likely to be skiing down the trails, testing that snow out as he is climbing the chairlift towers to service the lift. Caleb loves climbing, and in the off-season climbs some of the biggest cliffs in the White Mountains. 
Nate Jameison, Director of Grooming: Nate works tirelessly to ensure Whaleback's trails are ready for skiers. Sometimes, he's in the grooming machine for more than 10 hours to get the trails ready for skiers. He's also the mechanic who makes sure that the groomer is working at all times. Nate works as a roofer in the summer, but he stops in at Whaleback from time to time to make sure the snowcat is ready to go in the fall. 

Eric Murphy, Electrician/ Jack-of-all-Trades: Eric has been with the Whale for many years, and he can fix just about anything. Eric diagnoses and fixes trail lighting, rewired slope lighting, and works with Caleb to repair and maintain the lifts. It's not uncommon to see him skiing down trails with a 50-lb. bag of tools strapped to his back. 

As you can tell, working at Whaleback means you wear many hats, to make sure skiers have the best possible experience. From the employees at the rental shop, to the kitchen staff, to the ski and snowboard instructors, everyone who works at the Whale is dedicated to making the mountain run as smoothly as possible. And also making sure you have fun! 

Come on out for another great weekend of skiing. We're open 10-4 on Saturday and Sunday and the conditions are great! See if you can spot some of these staff members, and make sure to say hello!

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