A Furniture Artisans Meet n' Greet

It's a special opportunity to meet the men and women who create our furniture, and since Copeland Furniture is just up the road in Bradford, it's easy to get to know some of the craftspeople. High quality wooden furniture requires a large team effort with many skilled hands involved. We met Andrea, Brian, Christina, and Heman recently in "Who Made Your Chair?" Here are four more craftswomen and men at Copeland.

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Meet Jinx who specializes in assembling the pieces. She has been with Copeland for 26 years, including three maternity leaves. That is dedication to Copeland and raising a family!

There must be a story to the name Jinx. Jinx, care to share?

Jinx appreciates how family-focused Copeland is, as well as how committed it is to the Bradford community. The company built a case for the 300 year old globe at the Bradford History Society and made the Honor Roll Boards for Bradford's war veterans. But do tread lightly with Jinx; she operates a butane torch and is willing to use it to light a fire under those not doing their job. Or so her daughter was told.

Kenny, below, has also been with Copeland  for quite awhile. He joined the company 20 years ago based on a referral from his brother, who is also still working for Copeland.

If it's wood, Kenny will mill it.

Even though Kenny has a difficult commute to the factory, he loves his job. In addition to having a great boss, Kenny also really appreciated the Copeland family going "above and beyond" by helping him at home when he broke his leg.

You don't meet many people named Patches, but here's one in Packing.

Patches, aka She-Ra

Like many other employees, Patches has been with Copeland a long time-- over 18 years. Things get a bit crazy twice a year when the company prepares for the huge furniture market in High Point, North Carolina, and meeting shipping deadlines is the hardest part of her job. But Patches loves the camaraderie of her coworkers and how Copeland supports the area with so many jobs. When not at work, Patches enjoys landscape projects. She's got her work cut out for her at the moment!

Last but not least, meet Robert. He walked into Copeland 14 years ago looking for a job and hasn't left since. He found his spot in Assembly.

Who could say no to this happy job applicant?

Like many people at Copeland, Robert enjoys the friendly atmosphere and recounted a story in which someone hid a walkie-talkie under an assembler's bench and made it sound like a phone ringing. Hearing the incessant ringing, the assembler was ready to trash his own phone thinking it was broken. Hmmm, who was that "someone", Robert? Though he didn't mention the hardest part of his job, Robert's favorite part... payday. I think we can all agree on that.

Even though payday probably rates pretty high on everyone's list, there's also a strong consensus that it's the people and shared purpose of creating beautiful furniture that makes Copeland a special place to work and an important part of Bradford. When you work with fun-loving people, you never know what to expect, like the time a bike was left hanging from the ceiling. "Someone" must have left it there. Robert?

Fun people building beautiful furniture. The Copeland Furniture Company Store is located in downtown Bradford, next to the beautiful falls.


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