Facets: Amber, Owner of The Blue Sparrow Kitchen

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Meet Amber. She does not like roast beef sandwiches.   

Amber was born in Manchester, New Hampshire and grew up in Bedford. In school, Amber loved anything art-related and neither liked nor participated in any sports. She estimates that she saw 16 Grateful Dead shows between 10th grade and high school graduation. She saw Jerry Garcia’s last show.  

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Amber’s first job was working in the fitting rooms at Marshall’s. She hated it so much that she only last 4 days. She just didn't go back on the 5th day. In college, Amber studied elementary education and put her skills to work at the Squam Lake Natural Science Center. She also did stints working at the Concord Food Co-op and as a potter and a waitress. Amber went back to school to get her Masters in conservation biology. This led to a job at the Upper Valley Land Trust. In 2006, Amber and her husband moved to Sutton because they wanted their children to attend the Upper Valley Waldorf School. 

Amber lives in Lyme with her husband, 2 children and dog, Charlie. She’s opening a sandwich shop in Norwich this spring. (Read about it here.) Although she didn't like sports when she was younger, Amber plays a ton of hockey now. Amber is 44.

Favorite bird: loon

Sandwich she’d never order: roast beef (but her shop will sell roast beef sandwiches)

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