Hanover Police Update Investigation into “Potential Threat” at High School

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Press release

Dept. Working with HHS, SAU #70

On March 20, at approximately 6:26 a.m., the Hanover Police was notified of a potential threat to several high school students via social media, reported the police department in an update statement this afternoon. The threat included the use of a firearm but has not identified any specific persons or times.  The Hanover Police Department is actively investigating the matter and is working cooperatively with Hanover High School and SAU #70, reported Chief Charles Dennis.

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“After a rigorous day of investigation into this matter, the Hanover Police Department believes several of the leads are coming to a direct ‘point of interest,’” said Dennis in a statement.  “At this time, we are able to release that this point of interest is not in the immediate area of the Upper Valley.

“Hanover High and its staff have worked with us throughout this situation.  HHS had a direct police presence the entire day, without incident, and will continue to do so until further notice.”

Dennis added, “Although the investigation is ongoing, the Hanover Police Department wants community members to know it is diligently working with its law enforcement partners to ensure a safe environment for our children, staff and community members.”

The investigation into the matter at issue is ongoing.  If anyone witnessed or has information regarding this incident, please contact Capt. Mark Bodanza of the Hanover Police Department at 603-643-2222.


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