Dan & Whit’s EV Charging Station in December 2016. Photo credit: Linda Gray, https://www.vtenergydashboard.org/stories/dan-whit-s-general-store-celebrates-new-ev-charging-stations.

Vermont In The Top 5 For Adoption Of “Green Cars"

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Vermont ranked fifth among states for the percent of new and used green cars sold in 2017. The study by iSeeCars.com looked at the number of alternative-fuel “green” vehicles (hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and electric vehicles) sold in 2014 and 2017 by state. 

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California ranked first at 7.5% with Vermont at 3.7%. The national average in 2017 was 2.6%.

The report also examined the states with the greatest gains in green vehicle adoption over a three-year period. Vermont was second at 127%, bested only by Alaska at 145%. The national average was about 48%. The iSeeCars article Green Car Adoption by State: Who’s Leading the Charge? by Julie Blackley says: 

Vermont earns the second spot on the list for its 127 percent improvement rate, again supporting its reputation for being environmentally friendly. Interestingly, both Alaska and Vermont, the states with the top improvement rates, do not offer any statewide incentives for green car buyers or lessees. While residents in Vermont are likely to purchase green vehicles as part of the state’s eco-friendly culture, Alaskans may opt to purchase these vehicles to offset the state’s gas prices which are among the highest in the nation. Despite no statewide incentives, residents of these states are still able to take advantage of a federal tax credit that is commensurate with the size of the vehicle’s battery.


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