I am Dakota Browder and this is my voice.

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Seventeen and Reporting.

Randolph whats that?

    My name is Dakota Browder; I am a senior at Randolph union high school and I am reporting live from Randolph Vermont. On this blog I will be telling all the small stories from local voices wanting change and recognition. Randolph is a wonderful place, most people either think that being stuck in the middle of Vermont (literally in the middle) is excruciatingly painful and some think it is the greatest gift. 

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        Our small town of Randolph is unique in many different ways. Just like any small close knit town, it has up and downs. But because of the size of Randolph it feels like a huge family. To give someone an idea, there is roughly 4,000 people in my town total, and about four-hundred student attending my high school. Due to this everyone knows everything...or do they? 

    I am going to write about my marvelous town of Randolph for whoever dares to read more about local communities and all the breaking news within them. But from one teenager to all, keep the tire turning and stay tuned for updates!


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