Fun 101: How To

What We Left Behind in Kindergarten

While traveling around the Upper Valley on St. Patrick's Day,  I noticed that although the stage was set for top-notch fun not everyone was imbibing! 

Throughout the day I saw some people having great fun, but I also noticed groups sitting quietly waiting for the fun to begin. MAKE the FUN! Near the end of the night I went to the Engine Room in White River Junction. There was a GREAT band and a fantastic dance floor with colored lights… but the dance floor was just about empty.

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I am old, REALLY OLD. However, I’ve had the chance to spend time in kindergarten in the last few years.  Those little ones reminded me of some things:

1.     Laugh

2.     Fool around

3.     Laugh

4.     Be silly

5.     Dance

6.     Sing

7.     Laugh

8.     Draw others into your foolishness

9.     Laugh

10.   DANCE!!!! 

Oh…don’t bother putting your phone away. Record the foolishness and tell your friends to come join you!

You don’t have to be the best at telling jokes. You don’t need to be the best dancer, musician, or singer. These are gifts to all of us no matter our level of expertise.

Here’s to making each moment monumental!


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