Town Joins the Vermont Climate Pledge Coalition

The Town of Norwich announced, in a press release, that it joined the Vermont Climate Pledge Coalition pursuant to a Selectboard resolution adopted on February 28.

The vote authorized Town Manager Herb Durfee to “work with municipal departments, town committees, third-party contractors and other organizations and the general public to develop and implement strategies and actions to effectively minimize [greenhouse gas] emissions derived from Town activities and spending, and to embrace sustainable principles through Town policies, regulations, strategic and other plans, and other means that may be available.”

The proposal was recommended to the Selectboard by three town committees: the Energy Committee, the Conservation Commission, and the Planning Commission.

The press release further states:

In urging the Board to join the Coalition, the Energy Committee cited the costly and dangerous effects of greenhouse gas emissions. The Board's resolution reads, in part: “anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions pose an unacceptable risk of destabilizing local, regional and global climate systems.”

In voting to join the Coalition, Board members noted that the Town has already taken significant actions, including entering into a power purchase agreement for solar electricity, installing an electric vehicle charging station at the general store, and targeting net-zero energy for its new public safety building. They emphasized the leadership value of joining together and making a public commitment to action.

The Vermont Climate Pledge Coalition is a group of organizations from across the state committed to meeting Vermont’s energy and climate goals.  
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