Saturday! Carbon Work-Study - Compliance Carbon Markets- Regional Green House Gas Initiative (RGGI)
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Zachariah K. Ralph

Join us for our monthly Carbon Work-Study group to talk about the Regional Green House Gas initiative Cap and Trade program in our state.Carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere have long-term effects that are not recognized in the short-term market price of fossil fuels. Traditional pollutant regulation sets limits on individual emitters, which may or may not result in overall emissions reductions and may not be economically optimal. One approach that policymakers can utilize is to impose a price on carbon dioxide/greenhouse gas emissions that attempts to internalize these external future costs.  Mr. Woods will discuss various approaches to carbon pricing with a focus on the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. More information at

Presenter: Brian Woods, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, Air Quality and Climate Division.  

Contact to RSVP and to receive recommended reading materials. 

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