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Art is in the Heart

As a crossing guard at the Marion Cross School, I am responsible for the safety of the children/adults at the Church Street crosswalk.  On certain days of the week, I noticed a lady driving over to the school. She exits her vehicle, goes into the school and comes out with several children that she escorts back to her vehicle and drives away, and on good weather days, she walks with them toward Main street, takes a right and is out of sight. I mentioned to her one day that she reminded me of the story "Make Way for Ducklings."

Here , she is collecting her students prior to marching them to her Art Studio

She burst into laughter and thought it was hilarious.  She invited me to come see what the mystery/magic was all about.

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I accepted her invitation and made a visit to the Children's Art Studio on Carpenter Street in Norwich.  After the initial visit I told her that I write an article for Daily UV called "About Norwich" and would like to do a story on the Children's Art Studio.  

Since, I have made two visits to gather information and as with all my articles, the pictures really tell the story.  (Miss Lani was also interviewed by the Here in Hanover magazine and her story appears in the Fall 2017 Issue.)

Below is my story :

                   This is where the Magic Summer Arts will be held                         

                    Jane, Haoyi, Maddie, and Miss Lani mixing the potpourri .

Blossoms were gathered and potpourri was stirred and seasoned with allspice,seasalt and lavendar buds.  The jars are made of glass and are "Austrian" that painting with acrylic paint shimmers with each child's design.
"We are Painterly"


                          A student expresses their own creative  design 

                                    A Colorful Carousel

                  Such a peaceful place to learn and be creative 

                    And here is yet another masterpiece

                     Work station of a future artist

                          Miss Lani Stated  " We are painterly....... here"

                 In this photo Miss Lani  explained We are thinking of spring---creating babble wands.

                 Copper wire and trade beads, from Ghana are the elements Jane is working with today

                    Miss Lani and a new Class of Artists to be

Cover story photo of Miss Lani leading the children to the studio taken by Taryn Foster

Story photo's taken by Demo Sofronas

The below paragraphs are taken from the new brochure introduced to me during the interview for this story.

The Children's Art Studio is a new studio that brings together fresh educational efforts designed for child development,to strengthen what we do, and better serve our community's needs,all on a child-sized scale.

We wish to let you know about our ambitious studio and programming for children ages 3-12. Our educational programs for young artists, allow us to raise the visibility of this creative environment.

We are motivated to provide the framework for 21 st century skills that are crucial for success in school and life, including critical thinking,problem solving,collaboration, and creativity.

For more information on the programs available please contact Miss Lani at:

Lani Carney

Visual Arts Educator, Children's Art Studio

Please contact Miss Lani at 774.563.3069



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