The Open Mic

Why the Open Mic?

What draws people to perform at the Open Mic?

Why the Open Mic?

Is it self-glorification? Self-promotion? What draws so many to the Open Mic scene?

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Could the Open Mic be a form of intimate bonding within the community? There isn’t a “winner”. There’s not a quality rubric to evaluate effectiveness. Each presentation is accepted and heard without public judgment. Accepted as a simple gift to the listeners.  

The ancients would gather as a community sharing stories and music around the fire. Those free-flowing events drew the group together in a deep sense of understanding. Certainly there were unspoken norms for behavior, but presenters could influence the group through their dramatic presentations. It was a form of entertainment that also served to enrich the community’s knowledge and understanding of the larger picture of life.

Jump to today’s Open Mic here in the Upper Valley. Whether it’s sharing of poetry or music, I see individuals with a desire to connect in a deeper way with their community. By opening up their inner hearts, performers provide a peek into who they are behind the tough exterior we are often required to present to the world. Music and poetry can transport listeners to another place. Ah! Beautiful community.


Tonight, Thursday, March 15, ArtisTree provides a listening Open Mic beginning at 7:00.

Artistree Open Mic

Old South Church in Windsor has their monthly Open Mic on Saturday night, March 17, beginning at 7:00.

Of course we have the weekly Open Mic at:

Monday: Bentley's in Woodstock

Tuesday: Public House Quechee

Wednesday: Skunk Hollow Tavern, Four Corners in Hartland

Express yourself.  Help build the community!  


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