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The ones closest to you are the hardest to draw.

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The hardest ones to draw or paint are the ones you're emotionally connected to. This morning I decided to do a pencil sketch of my best buddy, team mate and source of limitless inspiration: my horse, Kate.

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Trying to capture all that her expression tells me in a few strokes of a pencil is SO hard! I keep wanting to go back and fix it; to make it just right. But I know that if I don't get it on the first try, I probably won't get it at all.

Capturing an expression, showing a feeling, wearing your heart on your sleeve. Scary things, but the definition of art, I guess!

This painting below is also of Kate, and my imagined image of my Mom out foxhunting with her. Kate doesn't do this type of thing for a living (she's a dressage horse- or dancer) and my Mom hasn't hunted for years, but it was fun picturing what they would look like out there in the field. Kate would be having a blast and curious about the hounds around her. My Mom would be cool as a cucumber. All calm and grace. And yes. She did hunt side saddle!

"Mary & Kate" ©LCM2017

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