Facets: Piggy, Gastronome


Meet Piggy. She loves visiting colleges.

Piggy was born in Enfield. She lived there briefly with her mother and 5 brothers and sisters. She's never met her father, and her mother has nothing nice to say about him, but she thinks she got his height.

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Piggy moved to Hanover with her brother, Bruin, 4 years ago. Her heart broke when he died shortly after they got there. He had a congenital heart condition. Nothing could be done to save him. She's heard people say that he was beautiful, and she's never known if by that they mean she's not. She tries not to think about it.

Piggy's favorite hobby is sampling different cuisines - she is an adventurous gastronome who will try anything anywhere anytime. Her favorite meals are breakfast and dinner. She also likes to hunt, particularly to hunt squirrels. She enjoys visiting relatives on bucolic New England college campuses where the resident squirrels don't seem to move as quickly as the ones around here. They’re not as smart either. Piggy is also very fond of sleeping, preferably on the living room couch because she thinks the upholstered chairs are too small.

Piggy lives with her family in Hanover. She is 31. She's not embarrassed that she still lives at home.

Favorite season: mud season

Favorite Movie: The Terminator

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