Women's Sacred Circle
Ended April 23
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Being a part of a Women's Circle can be powerful.  We get this sense of sacredness when we step into one and take space in one.  In these circles, everyone is seen, everyone is heard.  We are able to drop the busy-ness of our lives and be present for our selves and others in a most authentic way. 

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This 8-week Women's Sacred Circle, led by Andrea Manning begins March 19th.  Each class opens with a guided meditation and closes with gratitude.  Together we will read and discuss Cia Ricco's simple book, "Living As If Your Life Depended On It", using it as our guide to learn more about our selves while creating wholeness, empowerment, and deep connection.  

"Being on the shy side and having never participated in a group before,  I was reluctant, but I am SO glad I took the leap!  Among her other talents, Andrea has a gift for making it feel safe to be yourself." -Julie

To sign up or to read more about Andrea, please visit: www.andreabmanning.com


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