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Norwich Residents drop off there unwanted eyeglasses/cases into our special Lions Club Box at Dan and Whits

On Saturday, March 10, 2018 Norwich Lions Members Warren Thayer, Jay Van Arman, Cheryl Brush, Demo Sofronas, and Gary De Gasta attended a Quartely meeting of  Vermont Lions District # 45 held at the American Legion Building in Chester Vermont.

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The purpose of the meeting was to interact with other Lions Club members in the State and to partake of some valuable training that was offered.  We also had an opportunity to discuss some of our projects, and share our ideas with others.  

The Norwich Lions collected 470 pair of eyeglasses  that were graciously donated by Norwich Residents all year and deliver them to the cabinet meeting. These Eyeglasses are collected by all of the clubs and are sent to Headquarters where they are retrofitted and then donated to those in need.  Some are sent overseas through Lions Club International.

Jay Van Arman, Warren Thayer, Demo Sofronas, and Cheryl Brush  

Photo taken By Gary De Gasta

If you are interested in finding out what we are all about please contact Jay Van Arman at 802-649-1723  Demo Sofronas at 802-649-1536 , Gary degasta at 802-649-3533 , Warren Thayer at 802-649-3737 or Chery Brush at 603-381-0998

We will be glad to invite you to one of our meetings.


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