Introducing Me

Photo Credit: Parth Sabharwal

What on earth am I doing here?

What do I do?

I enjoy writing, eating at diners in the twin states, going on walks with dogs, reading creative non-fiction and fiction books, and good old rock music from the 70s and early 90s. I also enjoy being around lots of people after spending enough time with my canine friends.

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What am I doing here on dailyUV?

I am hoping to use my passion to write to tell the stories of people and their businesses, and leave a mark in the Upper Valley community. I’d love to tell your story!

What brought me to the Upper Valley?

I moved to the Upper Valley in the Fall of 2015 for a master’s program in Creative Writing at Dartmouth College. My time in the Upper Valley as a student was capped at two years, but after graduating, I decided to spend more time here as a professional, ignoring the call of warmer places beyond here. But why do that? Why not return to places I am more used to, like the warm and bright skies of Dubai, or the fast and noisy streets of Bangalore? It’s because I like it here, even though I may seriously need to keep an eye on my Vitamin D in the winter. I like the very distinct seasons, and the way the landscape marks shifts in time with visual wonder, from the many colored leaves of fall to the winter snow, covering the mountains in blazing orange, red and yellow to white monochrome. And that’s just a part of the romantic side of things. I also just like the way it’s really quiet at night, or knowing that if I walk out my door in a coat over my pajamas for just a second it will probably go unnoticed. I have loved the places I have been, too, but for different reasons. Most importantly, I stay in the Upper Valley because I’d love to make an impact here, in the same way it made such a positive impact on me.  

Email me at if you'd like me to tell your story. 


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