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Lisa Ladd

And Weather!

One of the things I share with my partner is an appreciation of good music.  Over the years we have attended quite a few concerts together and a little over a week ago, we did again.  Back in the day, we thought nothing of driving home at midnight or later after seeing a show, but with winter weather and the promise of an adventure, we opted to spend the night instead.  Considering the weather that weekend, we were happy to have a warm spot to return to.

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As I wrote last year, Brattleboro is an amazing little city with much to offer.  Arriving in the early afternoon, we went to the Whetstone Brewery, a place we somehow hadn’t managed to visit on previous occasions. Located next to the bridge going across to New Hampshire, and with the train station close by, this is definitely a place we will visit again.  We especially enjoyed watching the ice flows head downstream as we ate a delicious lunch and started planning which shops we wanted to visit before checking into our hotel.

Walking through the snow and rain the first place we stopped was Sam’s to look for winter boots and see what was on sale in their loft. Much like Farm-Way this store has plenty to offer for those looking for comfortable and weather-proof clothing.

Continuing down the street we poked around Twice Upon a Time Antiques Store on Main Street.  This large showroom is filled with wonderful antiques, cool clothing and furniture too.  By then we were quite cold and our meter was running out, it was time to check into the Latchis.

I’ll admit it, I love Art Deco style, and I love old movie theaters.  Add a hotel I can stay in and walk to my concert and I am in heaven.  This lovely hotel has much to offer.  Convenience, and interesting packages you can purchase to four local restaurants with a movie thrown in.   In addition, they are completely dog friendly, and have a resident dog named Paris who may or may not be in her favorite chair to greet you when you arrive. If you are taking the train from White River, it is an easy walk up the hill.

We grabbed a light supper at the Echo Restaurant and Lounge (formerly Firestones) before walking to our concert.  I highly recommend their pizza which is big enough to share and as good as many as I’ve had in New York City.

When we first learned Richard Shindell, was playing at the Stone Church, we jumped at the chance to see him.  I wasn’t sure how I would feel about attending a concert in a former church.  As one who still attends church and knows how difficult it is to maintain these historic buildings, I was interested to see what had been done to change the space. I was very impressed.  The pews were gone, replaced with comfortable folding seats.  The stage had the addition of the original Estes pipe organ to complement it, and there was a small discreet bar serving local Vermont craft beer and snacks.  The show was amazing, intimate and memorable.  And if you are a fan, or soon to become one after listening to his music, you have the opportunity to see him, along with Lucy Kaplansky and Dar Williams under their group name of Cry Cry Cry. They are playing at the end of this month in Rutland at the Paramount theater and have additional shows in other towns in New England.

The next morning after coffee, we headed to the indoor Brattleboro Farmer’s Market, looking for some unique food and gifts.  Conveniently located in the visitor’s center on Main Street, this small market was filled with local foods, and goods.  Before continuing our shopping, we headed to the Tulip Café for a lovely brunch. We both enjoyed our two unusual brunch dishes, I the buckwheat crepes, and my partner their Turkish beef with poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce.  This is a nice restaurant that encourages lingering. 

Fortified, we once again hit the street to browse in the many bookstores that Brattleboro has to offer.  Brattleboro Books is a terrific used bookstore that I always try to visit.  Directly across from it is Everyone’s Books which carries new books and has a very politically active feel to it.  Check out their buttons, t-shirts and bumper stickers.  Although I didn’t visit Mystery on Main this time, it remains a favorite.  A new discovery this trip though was a used bookstore that reminded me of the old Encore books at the Staples Plaza.  Baskets Books is filled with lots of used books and unless otherwise marked the prices are half off of the cover price.  Our final discovery was an art collective called Artrageus 1 that had so many unusual and whimsical pieces to smile over it is now added to our must visit shops in what has become a favorite road trip.

So the next time you are wondering what to do and where to go, consider this lovely city which can be very enjoyable, even in this challenging March Weather. It is just an hour away, yet feels very different than our Upper Valley.


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