It's a Slippery Soap

Soap. It’s so simple, a staple of our everyday lives. But when we have sensitive skin, a bar of soap becomes a complicated choice. Should I pick oatmeal or natural or fragrance-free? What is going to be gentle and what is going to be an irritant? Have you ever wondered if you are using the right soap? What should I do when I travel and hotel soaps make my hands turn beet red? In a tropical, humid environment or a dry, cold-weather climate, how can I prepare myself so that I don’t have itchy, uncomfortable skin?

Here is a soap primer for people looking to avoid eczema flare-ups and other sensitive skin issues:

  1. Recognize that too much soap can change the natural defense system of your skin. Mother Nature can handle a lot for you. Don’t over-lather. Other than private parts and underarms, we don’t generally need a full layer of suds to be clean. Warm water, in a brief shower, can keep you happy and healthy.
  2. In the store, ignore the buzzwords. “Natural” is not a regulated word. "Organic" does not mean safe for sensitive skin. Look at the ingredient list. Look for soaps that are unscented or dye-free. "Moisturizing" is a plus.
  3. Pack a soap that works for you when you travel. This small detail can prevent many skin problems when you are on vacation or traveling for work.
  4. Most of all, keep experimenting until you find a soap that works for you...then stick with it!
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If you make your soap choices part of your skin care routine, you are sure to notice a definite improvement in your skin condition.

Our favorites: Dove Unscented Bar Soap, Vanicream Bar Soap, CeraVe Gentle Cleanser.


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