"Spring Forward" ©LCM2018

Three Days of Doodles

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Don't worry. I've been doodling! I just haven't made me way to the computer to share them. Sorry!

This first one of the leaping side saddle lady was done on Sunday as Bart and I struggled with the time change. I still argue, why don't they just leave the time alone? I wouldn't mind the extra hour of daylight in the late afternoon in December!

"Cow Pasture" ©LCM2018

Cow Pasture
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This was a very quick one I did yesterday as I had to head out early for an appointment. I find myself longing for green grass and leaves on the trees and summer vistas....

"Our Home" ©LCM2018

My Home. My Studio.
This is where my heart is. I thoroughly love everything about this place. Even its quaint "idiosyncrasies" and constant needs are more charming than they are nuisances.

I love this place and it loves me back. It feeds my creativity and keeps me safe and warm.

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