PHOTOS: SUV crash knocks out power to Lebanon neighborhood around APD

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Area affected is right next to Alice Peck Day Hospital complex

LEBANON - Police are trying to figure out how an SUV managed to leave Mascoma Street and slice off a power pole right at its base shortly before 9:30 p.m. Monday during what were clear conditions.

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    The mishap took place right at the intersection of Mascoma and Peabody Streets, just up the hill from the underpass near the Alice Peck Day Hospital complex. 

    The crash sheared the pole loose and left it leaning into the intersection at a sharp angle, held up only by the power lines at the top.  It also cut power to over a hundred homes and trailers that sit between the hospital and the nearby stretch of Interstate 89.  The hospital itself was not affected.

    Although no one was around the black Chevy Suburban when police first arrived at the scene, a man who identified himself as the driver turned up by the underpass a short time later.

    After a half hour had passed officers brought a police canine to the scene and said they were still working to determine exactly who had been in the vehicle at the time of the crash and what circumstances had led the SUV to leave the roadway.

    Liberty Utilities workers said they were going to work into the late evening to set a new pole in the ground and once that task was completed they expected to re-engerize the circuit to the surrounding neighborhood.

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