Facets: Terry, Woodworker/Furniture Maker

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Meet Terry. He can't choose between a harpsichord and a banjo. 

Terry is what some people around here would call a flatlander - he wasn't born and raised in the Upper Valley. He was born in Reading, Pennsylvania and grew up there on a farm. Most of his jobs after school were in that neck of the woods. His first job was as an engineer at RCA in Lancaster, Pennsylvania overseeing the manufacture of TV camera tubes. After that, he bounced around a bit and ended up co-owning a company that manufactured wiring harnesses and cable assemblies. After about 20 years or so, he and his partner sold the company. Terry was planning to use the proceeds from the sale to quietly retire, but someone had others plans for him. He encountered a major health issue. Hindsight is always 20-20, right? He'd declined to extend his health insurance coverage through COBRA when he sold the company, and being sick is expensive. So he quickly burned through his retirement savings. When he was well enough to work again, Terry went to Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation as a Quality Assurance Engineer in Coatesville, Pennsylvania. He made sure that innumerable helicopter parts were up to spec for about 7 years. Then he retired again. This time it stuck.

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Terry moved to the Upper Valley 2 years ago. He'd been a regular visitor to the area for 30 years, and his mother and sister live in Bradford. Terry loves it here. Now that he has really retired, Terry pursues his hobbies of woodworking, kayaking and backpacking (not as much as he used to). He is expanding his wood shop to make space for lots of projects. He'd love to make you a piece of custom furniture.

Terry lives with his girlfriend, 2 horses, Lottie and Rusty, and 4 dogs in Piermont. Their house overlooks the Connecticut River Valley, and the sunsets are spectacular. Terry is 74.

Lottie's view when she turns her head the other way 

Favorite musical instrument: harpsichord and banjo (he simply couldn't choose one over the other)

Place he wants to visit: New Zealand

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