We're Bringing Back Your Morning Ritual

In the days of all-print-everything, getting your news was very simple. Your paper boy or girl chucked your paper as close as they could to your door. You would roam outside, still in your robe and slippers, pick up the paper and head back inside. Every day. Again and again. A ritual. 

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Then you came back inside, took a seat and flipped through the pages, maybe even splitting the sections of the paper with the rest of your family. That was “getting your news." Then you'd go about your day, discussing what you had read in the paper with your neighbors, at Three Bean, or with friends. 

Some of you still participate in this ritual, maybe a few of you crave that simplicity. And some of you never did this, and now are thinking “this post is SO not relatable, where are you going with this.”

Hold on, we’re getting there, I promise. 

Since the arrival of digital media, fewer and fewer people are getting their news from a single newspaper. We have smartphones and laptops and tablets that hold so much information. 

What those phones don’t hold? What matters locally.

Yes you could go to your Facebook feed, read your town's Front Porch Forum, a bulletin board, the thousands of news sources ready at your finger tips, but this lacks the local and it takes time. You care about the place where you wake up every morning, go to work, go out to eat, meet friends and explore. 

What if we could bring that morning ritual back? Instead of scrolling through a paper, every morning you could scroll through DailyUV to learn about what is going on in YOUR town. 

Discover what’s going on in your town in a new way. Find out about the business that just opened down the street. Find events that are happening this weekend.  Read about your neighbor’s newest endeavor. Read about your town’s history. Get the movie times for tonight’s showing. Keep up with your town government. 

All. In. One. Place.

At DailyUV we are working to bring communities together. We are working to give you the tools to be a more informed and engaged local citizen. 

Why not make DailyUV your morning ritual? Sign up now. 


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