Looking for Love in Randolph

Personal Ad:

Name: DailyUV.com

Occupation: Local Digital Platform 

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Profile: Although new to town, DailyUV strives to become the place you can go to find out about what's going on in the Randolph area. We are looking for someone to fill our feed with Randolph area events, stories, things for sale, recommendations and more! Might you be the perfect fit? The peanut butter to our Jelly? The Thelma to our Louise? 

Ideal date: Someone who wants to share fun stories about where they live, who they know and what's happening this weekend. 

If you're out there perfect someone... we would love to meet you. It might seem formal, and we hope this doesn't turn you off, but we have an application to make sure we are right for each other. Won't you fill it out? We hope you do. 


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