New England Fog Cinnamon Bread with Winter Citrus + Honey Whipped Mascarpone Milk

New England Fog Cinnamon Bread with Winter Citrus + Honey Whipped Mascarpone Milk

Welcoming Spring

New England Fog Cinnamon Bread with Winter Citrus + Honey Whipped Mascarpone Milk

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I have to say I love cinnamon rolls just as much as I love pancakes, sorry pancakes. As with cinnamon rolls I am more adventurous. I found through research, cinnamon rolls or buns |presumably| originated in Sweden and are called – kanelbulle |literally meaning cinnamon bun|. Although the Swedish version contains cardamom which sounds delightful, I believe my version is pretty spectacular as well. Within these few remaining dark days of winter, I have found some light in these airy, flower shaped rolls. I used half milk and half earl grey tea |after my favorite cozy beverage - London Fog| for the liquid; I folded in the zest from half of a winter citrus - a blood orange; and to top them all off I used a more delicate cream cheese, mascarpone, an Italian-style cream cheese |yet I used a local Vermont style mascarpone from Vermont Creamery|; and because there is already enough sugar within the rolls, I whipped the mascarpone with local raw honey in lieu of sugar, zest from the other half of the winter citrus, and loosened it all up with raw cow’s milk. The milk icing made for an even moister bread, as the bread lapped up the milk.

“In like a lion, out like a lamb,” is a proverb I learned my first March here in Vermont from the locals. I suppose the theory is – when March begins, it’s still winter and when we say farewell Spring equinox greets us with delicate |lamb like| Snowdrop Flowers. The Snowdrop Flower is the first flower of the year and symbolizes hope.

Snowdrop Flowers - from the Ancient Greek means Milk White Flower

The old folklore according to the Farmers’ Almanac is, “if March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb.” March has most certainly come in like a lion this year. It snowed for nearly 30 hours at one point; all was silent, all is still white. Reflection – I suppose I had local-entry the moment I had begun to peel 100-year-old wallpaper off my walls at 1 a.m. when we first began restoring our farmhouse; or maybe because my husband being born and raised here in Vermont – whatever makes one a local I have earned my dues. I am at the tail end of my fourth winter |and counting|. Actually I believe I am owed some “real” earnings from the locals – most Sundays we spend our mornings at The South Woodstock Country Store leisurely eating smoked maple bacon, Cabot cheddar scrambled eggs, and homemade breads. It was there, over one of our brunches I overheard there was a hat being filled taking bets on the so-called “California girl” who would not last – would not survive even one arduous Vermont winter. Well here I am well into |as I said| my fourth winter holding strong! Sunday is right around the corner, I better check on that hat! For now, as I too am a local. So be it March – you silent, yet deadly lion! ‘To coin a phrase.’ The persisting winter weather is only providing an excuse to bake up a storm, as the storm eddies around me outside.

With patience and hope, I await Spring whilst daydreaming of pretty milk white flowers, for now I will settle for my pretty milk drenched cinnamon bread flowers. xox

“In like a lion...”

Baking up a “HOMEMAYD” storm

Welcoming Spring

A list of nut safe brands | local ingredients used:
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King Arthur All-Purpose Flour; Vermont Creamery Mascarpone Cheese; and Northwoods Apiaries Vermont Raw Honey.

I use only nut safe ingredients | products in all my recipes. Every time I go to the market, I check the ingredient list and allergy disclaimers posted beneath the ingredient list; even though I checked this information the week before. I check this list prior to each purchase as the company may have had a change in manufacturing facility | plant.

Better safe than sorry when it only takes a moment to glance through both the ingredients and allergy information posted below the list of ingredients. I.e. “allergy information: may contain…; made on shared equipment…; or processed in a facility…”

Coming Soon || a blog post on How to Navigate Food Allergens for a safe home and kitchen.


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