VPR Report: Norwich Ranks 55th In Traffic Ticket Revenues

Bridgewater and Woodstock are 2nd and 4th.

Norwich ranks 55th in the State for municipal revenue from traffic tickets, according to a recent VPR report.  The data says the Town received $9083 from the State in 2017 for 111 tickets, amounting to $2.66 per resident. The amount per resident puts Norwich in the bottom half of municipalities. 

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The Town has a long way to go to be considered a speed trap. Of the 24,000 tickets written last year, a “quarter were issued in just three Vermont towns: Plymouth, Bridgewater and Mount Tabor,” said Watch Your Speed: These Three Towns Issue A Quarter Of Vermont's Traffic Fines by VPR investigative reporter and editor Emily Corwin. Woodstock ranks fourth. The Top 10 chart is at the end of this post. 

How does Norwich stack up against neighbors Hartford and Thetford? Hartford was ranked at number 45 in municipal revenue from traffic tickets, receiving $13,149 based on 133 tickets for revenue per resident at $1.32. In 2017, Thetford issued a mere 37 tickets but received $4,420 generating $1.71 per resident.

The complete sortable and searchable data set is available here on the VPR website. The chart below indicates how municipalities similar in size to Norwich compare.

Source: VPR

A related VPR story explains where the fine money goes. The laws are "labyrinthine". The first $12.50 of the ‘base’ fine goes to Court Technology Fund. The rest of the 'base' fine? “In most cases, if you were driving on a local road, or if the municipality has adopted a local speed ordinance on a state highway per 23 § VSA 1007, the rest of your base-fine is returned to the municipality,” said You Paid Your Speeding Ticket. Here's Where Your Money Went.  Norwich has such an ordinance, so the town gets a lot of that fine money. But the statute does not apply to the interstate or state roads where the speed limit is 50 mph, such as a part of Route 5 in Norwich.  
Speeding tickets also include two surcharges, none of which go to the Town. As an example, a local fine of $100 results in a ticket of $162 due to surcharges. The municipality gets $87.50.

Top 10

Top Ten, by municipal revenue. Source: VPR

POSTED: 05.02.2018 
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