The Local ship builder makes another masterpiece

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Demo sofronas

The ALDONART III (This is the ship that Art built.)

Latest ship built. Named after boats we had as kids on Long Island. ALDONART = Alice, Donald and the two Arts. This Aldonart III reminded me of a cabin cruiser my dad had. It was a converted double ender life boat (no sails). This model ship is an American variant of a 1670's Dutch fishing boat called a Pinky schooner. Pinky came from Dutch "Pincke" meaning pinched. The high up swept stern made them very stable and easily rode out following seas which were notorious in the English Channel and North Sea. They are still made today in Essex and Ipswich Mass for the tourist Down East trade and for commercial fishing. I attached photos of a current Pinky in Rockport ,Massachusetts

Sewing the sails was a challenge...source was an old bed sheet.


Pinky Schooner in Rockport Massachusetts

A similar ship called the Maine in Gloucester Massachusetts

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