Listening to our Young Adults

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I have been inspired by the dedication of the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school in Florida - as well as young people here in Vermont and New Hampshire, and across the country - who are working to change our gun culture and laws.

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They are speaking out and talking about their fears and dreams. They are sharing their experiences and ideas about how to make sure others do not experience the horrors of February 14th. And they are being heard by those who have the power to institute change, like the retailers who will no longer sell guns to those under 21.

So many of our youth are articulate, caring, and - dare I say - under appreciated. To better understand today's teens, I encourage everyone to read Young Adult literature - both fiction and non-fiction. Some of it is gritty and raw, like their lives. Some of it is disturbing, like their world. Some of it is silly, like the humans we all are. And much of it is thoughtful and thought-provoking. Find time to talk to a teen, especially if you don't have kids in your day-to-day world. LISTEN to a teen! They need our ears, our hearts, and our understanding.

#WhatIf the hope for a better and safer America starts now? #WhatIf young people truly hold the power to change our country's gun laws? I applaud them. - Liza

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