Main Street Sure Ain't What It Used to Be

I’m a sucker for historical photos of my town. Grainy black and white shots of iconic old buildings, which, if they’re still standing, look about the same as they did 100 years ago. 

Old scenes of Main Street in bygone times make me wistful, though.

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Fifty or sixty years ago, that particular stretch of road right through the middle of town was, by all accounts, positively hopping with activity. General stores and lunch counters stacked up against haberdasheries and pharmacies, and of course the newspaper offices. If there was news around town, dependably it found its way here, to Main Street, the center of it all.

So why is instagrammable present-day Main Street way less colorful? What happened?

Now, I’m not an anthropologist, so cut me some slack. Obviously a lot has happened to small towns and Main Streets throughout the Upper Valley and America.

It’s not that Main Street is dead. Partly it’s that there are a lot more streets than there used to be, and the information and people you’re looking for are in a lot more places, whether on foot or online.

Main Street stopped being a physical gathering place. In the age of social platforms, traffic has been redirected to everywhere but the actual community we live in. And I honestly haven’t a clue where I am.

The internet may be able to give me directions, but it doesn’t bring me home.

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