Facets: Lincoln, Sous Chef at Café Services

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Meet Lincoln. He'd love a Camaro 70-1/2.

Lincoln was born in Lebanon and graduated from Lebanon High School. He used to volunteer at CCBA. His first job after high school was working at C & A Pizza in Hanover. He did everything from cooking and delivering pies to working behind the counter and cleaning up at the end of the day. Lincoln left C & A Pizza to join Café Services, a food service provider to many Upper Valley public schools. Lincoln's working with the Kearsarge School District now. He's training as a sous chef and is excited about the many opportunities to grow at Café Services. 

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Lincoln is 20. He lives in Enfield with his father and commutes to Sutton for work.

Favorite Cereal: Capn Crunch

Dream Car: 1970-1/2 Camaro, preferably in black

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