The Summer of 1941
Ended April 13

The summer of 1941 was the background for two young superstars in the American League who put on a dazzling display of talent that provided the greatest batting feats in the history of baseball in a single season. Certainly they have not been equaled during the past 77 years. Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak broke the record by 12 games and Ted Williams became the last hitter to hit over .400 since 1930.
When we were kids the argument as to who was the better hitter raged as common playground banter. One from San Diego, the other from San Francisco; one a lefty, the other a right-handed hitter; one was always buttoned up while the other never wore a tie; both served in WWII; both became national heroes and both are enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame.Our class will relive these extraordinary events using films and interviews from that era to recreate those times, the players and their teammates. We will begin with a look at the overall careers of the two men but move to the details of their specific accomplishments during this amazing season.

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