"At the Feeder" ©LCM2018

A few days of doodles

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There's been a lot going on around here lately and although I've been doodling regularly, I haven't had a chance to post them for you. So here goes!

"Distant Farm" ©LCM2018

This one is a sketch for a painting I'm working on. It will be about 40" wide and 24" high so I think it will make a nice overmantel scene. I used it to demonstrate mural painting last weekend. The orchard and fences work really well to show perspective and to draw the eye into the scene.

"In Ireland" ©LCM2018

This one is a quick doodle to play with groups of horses and hounds. I like to fiddle with these compositions. Maybe someday it will become a painting...

"Candlestick" ©LCM2018

This was a little value study of a brass candlestick. Fun to turn off the line art and just look at shading for a bit.

"Candlestick II" ©LCM2018

Then I took a picture of my drawing and played with it in color on my iPad Pro. Having done the value study made it easier to stick to three basic values in color: dark brown, medium gold and bright gold.

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I'm really enjoying taking half an hour or less each morning to explore a visual idea. Whether it's a pen and ink sketch, a pencil value study or a small color image, it's a fantastic way to start a creative day.

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