Nature Camp (ages 6 to 12)
Ended July 13
Friends of the Morrill Homestead
July 13
1:00 PM — 4:00 PM
Price:  $125 per child

Discover the plants, animals and cycles of nature while immersed in the forests, fields and aquatic environments at the Morrill Homestead. This mid-19th-century estate becomes a springboard for adventure as children engage in hands-on nature study to explore the wonder and beauty of the outdoors. A particular theme is woven into each day through hands-on activities involving songs, games, outdoor explorations, arts, crafts and more. While focusing on our watersheds, students become aware of their sense of place and understand more about their connection with the natural world.

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Leader Bonna Wieler—founder and director of  summer camps for Bold Paths Adventure—runs environmental and outdoor education workshops and teaches team building, outdoor skills and natural arts. Bonna’s approach offers learners self-assurance and connection with the natural world.


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