Cauliflower and Herb Soup

Rich and nourishing for winter.

Transformation―defined as a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance―is something we each go through in life. Transforming from child to adult. Transforming into the heads of families or career people. Even transforming and creating what feel like new identities if we move from one part of the country or one part of the world to another. I used to think of myself as a Long Island gal, then a Chicagoan. Now a New Englander with a little bit of each of those former identities still in me.

Sometimes transformations aren’t quite as dramatic—a transformation in mood, even for a few moments—can make a big difference in how we see the world and get us through the day. I considered this when I was in New York last week. My mother was ill, and I needed to take care of her and manage her care while she was in the hospital and transitioning to a rehabilitation center. When things got unbearably tough, I removed myself from the situation for a few moments to clear my head and give myself a little kindness.  Fortunate to have lovely weather in February, I decided one day to buy an ice cream cone and take it to a small duck pond I visited as a child. As I ate my cone and watched an elderly woman feeding the ducks the way my father and I did as a child, I was transformed briefly into that little girl with her gentle father. A girl whose only worry was to finish my ice cream cone before it melted. The rehab center where my mother is living for now is across the street from one of the most beautiful beaches in New York, one where I spent countless hours with friends during summers in high school. A short walk there, breathing in the salt air and listening to the gulls, once again transformed me into an unburdened woman for a brief time. These short but powerful transformations fueled me and gave me the strength to do what I needed for my mom. Thank goodness for little things, eh?

Cooking is all about transformation—transforming simple ingredients into a flavorful whole.

This Cauliflower Soup with Fresh Herbs is made by combining tenderized cauliflower with potatoes, garlic, broth, and herbs. Finished with a bit of Greek yogurt for thickness and topped with sundried tomatoes at serving, this is a comforting soup that will fill you with nourishment and joy. This recipe is made in an Instant Pot but don’t let that stop you if you don’t have one. There are instructions in the notes on how to make it on the stovetop, as well.


Think spring!

I look forward to seeing you in my kitchen, gathering flavors, soon.


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