The Perfect Saturday in Woodstock

Welcome to "The Perfect Saturday." It's where anonymous locals share their favorite places to eat, adventure, and relax in the Woodstock area. Check out one resident's ideal way to kick off the weekend. 

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Prompt: You wake up, your whole day is free, and you can do ANYTHING! How would you spend your perfect Saturday in the Woodstock area?

I think Woodstock is the quintessential Vermont area, so while I try to think of an exact season for my "perfect Saturday," I can't really pinpoint just one. But my personal favorite season is autumn, so we'll go with that.

I would happily wake up around 8:30 am and enjoy breakfast and some morning news (gotta love WCAX). I'd later head over to Soulfully Good Cafe in town for lunch with a friend- definitely getting the turkey panini- and follow up with a good latte.

After lunch, I'd head over to Faulkner Park to hike up the back side of Mt. Tom. The air is so crisp and perfect during fall in Vermont, so a hike through orange, red, and yellow leaves is literally the best thing. The views on top of Mt. Tom are spectacular, so you get the whole view of Woodstock, and it's honestly breathtaking.

Skip to the end of the hike, after my body is tired and I've seen the perfect amount of foliage and blue sky, I'd head over to the Woodstock Farmers' Market for a snack and another coffee, and of course to say my hellos to everyone who works there, as the WFM staff are easily the friendliest around.

Courtesy of WFM's Instagram

After that, I would head over to the Woodstock Inn Spa (assuming I have unlimited funds!).  I'd treat myself to a late afternoon massage and enjoy the luxurious sauna, steam room, and hot tub they offer.

I'd round out the day and night with a mellow dinner at the Prince and the Pauper, as their menu is probably my favorite in town and their staff is the best!

In a perfect world I'd sleep like a baby and do it all again the next day!

Want to share your Perfect Saturday with us? We want to hear it!


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