Woodstock in the Land of the Feeds

Submitted 9 months ago

We live in a world ruled by feeds. 

Scrolling is now universal, expected.

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Our Facebook feeds and Instagram feeds and Twitter feeds and RSS feeds (oh boy, SO many feeds) give us a sense that there is more to see, always more to discover.

Just. Keep. Scrolling. 

But in the land of the feeds, where DailyUV has taken up residence, what makes us different, dare we say better? 

One word: Community. 

The DailyUV feed is about where you and your neighbors live, where your kids grow up, where you shop, eat, explore. Where you live, work, and play.

It’s your community, just online. Built by your neighbors and populated by them too!

We're pretty sure there’s no feed quite like DailyUV. But here’s the catch:

Feeds need to be fed.

And DailyUV counts on YOU to do the feeding—to tell your stories, share your insights, and yes, sell your stuff.

Because no one knows what’s happening in Woodstock better than you.

Here’s your chance to review that sandwich from Woodstock Farmer’s Market, share the weekend events you are most excited for, tell the story of your town and the people in it, its history and landmarks. Think of the possibilities! 

If you haven’t joined DailyUV, join today—it’s free!—and start posting.

And if you’re interested in blogging about life in your town, we want to hear from you. Apply here!


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