It’s Like the Woodstock Listserv—But YOU have control

If you are a regular listserv user, you know how it works.

Vital Communities created the town listservs to be a resource for local residents to spread the word about what is going on in their community.

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If you are looking to sell your couch or get the word out about an event or something you’ve written, the listservs can be a place to do so.

This sounding familiar yet?

For many years now, the listservs have been how folks find out what is going on in their communities. It’s been an incredible model and is part of the inspiration for DailyUV. Or, it’s proof that DailyUV needed to be born. 

Don’t get us wrong—the listserv is a wonderful resource that many of us here, including our bloggers, use and read religiously. Which is why we’re so glad to partner with Vital Communities to allow you to post and read listserv content right here within DailyUV.

And we’ve taken listserv content to the next level.

When you post from DailyUV, you can include images, share to Facebook and Twitter, AND you put your content in front of the entire DailyUV audience.

So thank you to Vital Communities for fostering the listserv and to the many moderators out there who keep that ship sailing smoothly.

For those of you who still haven’t quite hopped on the DailyUV ship, what's the hold up? 

Join DailyUV—it's free!—and start posting today.

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