A Few Less Obvious Reasons to Study STEM (Part I)

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Brad Choyt
There are many reasons schools focus on strategies for promoting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). It seems that every day we read new findings that demonstrate America is falling behind other countries in these fields. And we also continually hear that the best jobs will be in STEM-related professions when the current generation of students graduate. Though no one can predict the exact skill sets students will need in the future, it’s worth highlighting a few reasons today’s students should be given every opportunity to excel in STEM.
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For starters, gaining an understanding for the scientific method has many useful applications, not the least of which is honing skills as a careful observer. Learning how to conduct experiments, measure and test a hypothesis, or when needed, refute one has all kinds of important applications in today’s world.

STEM fields can also help students become curious skeptics. Research journals and the scientific community provide active forums for sharing what is discovered and providing direct critiques. And if discoveries stand up to scrutiny and have practical applications, inventions and new procedures have the potential to make the world a better place.

And then there are the ways STEM fields foster imagination. Forging new ideas and developing theories with original explanations help students in STEM and many other disciplines, too.  

In another blog post tomorrow, I will share my top three sets of knowledge students should have in STEM fields to help frame a better understand of the world.

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