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Tunbridge hosts a SHINDIG Tonight!

Have you ever been to a real shindig? I haven’t! I’ve used the word to refer to various unusual events, but actually attending a real “shindig” has escaped my life experiences! What should I wear? Can I go alone? Will I feel like an oddball? (Oh, yeah... I forgot... that is rather typical for me!)

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Here’s our opportunity! Tunbridge is hosting a Shindig TONIGHT, Saturday, March 3 from 7:30-10:30. The group “Soulfix” an upbeat soul, funk, R&B dance band will lead the dance party. The cost is $10. 

I’ve been told it’s a happenin’ party, so put on those dancing shoes and meet me in Tunbridge! 

Tunbridge Town Hall

277 Vermont Route 110

Tunbridge, VT 05077

Note Bene:

I did go to the Shindig. It was fun! The band, Soulfest, was great. The music was upbeat and true to the 70’s covers they played. The lead sax was screaming good. 

Everyone was dancing, so I didn’t feel strange being alone on the dance floor. Dress was casual. Guys with bandanas on their heads seemed to be a fashion statement. (In case you were interested.)

The 30 minute drive from the Upper Valley seemed long until I remembered that it takes 30 to get through traffic when you go any place in a big city. 

Although I did meet some new people (Dede and Dave)and a guy who looked like Santa with a bandanna who asked me to dance. It was a bit on the lonely side during the band’s break, so find some friends and go!!! There are mire Shindigs planned!


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