Farmhouse Pancakes

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Farmhouse Pancakes

I love pancakes. Maybe too much. I make them at least once a week. Yet, at times when we’re snowed in like today, I make them more than I would like to admit. They are warm, they are soft, and they can be healthy. ‘Can be,’ being the operative words here. I’m a sucker for traditional buttermilk pancakes with lots and I means lots of Vermont maple syrup. I say Vermont these days |being Canadian|, as I live here in the rural countryside and our maple syrup comes from a maple syrup farm |Top Acres Farm| that’s located only two miles from our home from a sweet |so-to-speak| woman we call, Mary “Maple.” Very fitting. It doesn’t get more local than that!

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I prefer the dark, robust Grade B over the light, fancy Grade A. Darker syrup tends to have more depth and boldness, it’s not as sugary stick-to-your-teeth sweet as the fancy |yet it is all about preference|. If you have ever been to a sugar house in sugaring season and smelled the steam that runs off the cooked syrup, then been able to take a taste right then and there of the fresh boiled sugar, that boiled | cooked taste lingers in the darker amber syrups. In the lighter golden syrups, that richness gets lost as it turns into more a of simple syrup. Both are truly amazing - “liquid gold,” as I’ve heard it being called here in Vermont and I’ll take any grade, any shade, as long as it’s a pure maple syrup. And these days - from Vermont!

Now that it’s March here in Vermont, that means we’ve bypassed what we call January thaw - and this year, well into February when the temperatures rise above 35 |Fahrenheit| and the snow begins to melt. But then, just as all the snow turns into slush, the temperatures drop once again turning all that has slushed into a glazed over landscape fit for an Olympic ice skater; the landscape once again has turned into a midwinter’s dream. It has snowed for nearly 12 | hrs and this morning all the tree branches are coated with snow leaving the eyes thankful for winter’s beauty once more before it’s gone and we wind into Spring.

As my daughter and I are snowed in and cozied up in front of our fireplace, we are dreaming of spring and a big stack of our favorite pancakes while practicing our patience in hygge || finding coziness and comfort with feelings of wellness and contentment during the last days of winter in our chilly Green Mountain State, or today - white mountains.

A list of nut safe brands | local ingredients used:
King Arthur All-Purpose Flour, Butterworks Farm Nonfat Buttermilk, and Top Acres Farm Maple Syrup.

I use only nut safe ingredients | products in all my recipes. Every time I go to the market, I check the ingredient list and allergy disclaimers posted beneath the ingredient list; even though I checked this information the week before. I check this list prior to each purchase as the company may have had a change in manufacturing facility | plant.

Better safe than sorry when it only takes a moment to glance through both the ingredients and allergy information posted below the list of ingredients. I.e. “allergy information: may contain…; made on shared equipment…; or processed in a facility…”

Soon you will be able to refer to a blog post on How to Navigate Food Allergens for a safe home.

xox HOMEMAYD by Noella May

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