A Fresh Perspective for March

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Erin McCabe

I write this on a soggy, snowy March day when it would be so easy to just curl under the blankets and get negative, but instead I am relishing in the joy that I felt from the sunshine and warmth the past few days and the fact that life is all about balance. March can be a long month in New England as we transition seasons based on the calendar, but not always in reality. It's a month to soak in the last of the winter activities and to get excited for what spring will bring.

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With all of this, I am reminded of the importance of perspective - a point of view - and that we all have a slightly different viewpoint. Some of us may love March knowing that March Madness is on the way, some of us may dislike March knowing that ski season is dwindling, and some of us might just be looking forward to the time change and longer nights that will start to return on the 11th. Either way all perspectives are valid and it might be worthwhile to take a step back to re-evaluate your own perspective or to better understand someone else's.

I was reminded of the importance of our point of view by the mediation app I use, Headspace, with the quote that, "Clarity dictates our perspective and our perspective dictates our experience." When we are so busy we barely have time to pause or when we haven't gotten outside for any fresh air, it can be really easy to feel negative. Henry Thoreau wrote that, "The question is not what you look at, but what you see." And similarly, Marcus Aurelius wrote that, "Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth." So remember that the melting snow can be seen very differently by two people, and while this can be extrapolated into just about every realm of our world, I will leave it there.

Let's let March be a month to remind us to take some time to slow down and find clarity, and to recall that we all see the world through our own eyes. Whether we need this reminder when having a conversation with friends or family, when we are working through a project at work, or when we are trying to master a new movement or achieve a goal, perspective is always key. Here's to a month ahead of clearing our minds and refreshing our perspectives and hoping those around us will do the same!

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