Lei Catamin, organizer/choreographer for dancing flash-mob protests. PHOTO Liz Cooke

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"We Are All Fast-Food Workers Now"

Change can happen on a local level! We all need to look at the labels in our clothes - really every purchase we make - and remember that we vote with our wallets. We were reminded about the importance of community last Wednesday evening, when Annelise Orleck talked about her new book "We Are All Fast-Food Workers Now": The Global Uprising Against Poverty Wages to a packed house at the Norwich Bookstore. These wonderful gatherings of friends and colleagues are one of the reasons we began our small independent business.

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If you missed the talk, CATV filmed it and it is posted on our website. In addition, Annelise was profiled by the Book Jam 3 Question Interview earlier in the month.

More about the photo: Lei Catamin, organizer and choreographer for singing and dancing flash-mob protests staged by the RESPECT Fast Food Workers Alliance, Manila. Photograph by Liz Cooke whose images portray the workers in the book.


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