Don't Let This Happen to You!

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Lee Michaelides

She didn’t even know her diamond had fallen out! Be sure that doesn’t happen to you. 

Have your rings cleaned and checked periodically, “annually,” says Paul Gross, the owner of Designer Gold in Hanover. You may not be able to see that your stones are getting loose, so a practiced eye at the jewelry studio can test their looseness and tighten your precious diamonds or sapphires to protect them.

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“An ounce of prevention is worth of pound of cure,” advised Ben Franklin. And he’s quite right although he was talking about fire safety in Philadelphia. His adage is certainly appropriate for fine jewelry as no one wants their valuable gems detaching from their settings and getting lost.

“It is very important especially to have the prongs checked on your rings,” says Gross. “For example, if you have four prongs and one breaks, the stone can easily slip out. With six prongs it’s less likely.”

It is also good practice to take off your rings before doing something that gunks them up or might pull the stone from the setting. 

“Don’t make cookies with your rings on,” says Designer Gold manager Peggy Sadler only half in jest. The same rule — taking off the ring—applies to kneading bread or making meatloaf the old-fashion way. 

Not just rings, but gold chains, too, especially heavier ones, are vulnerable to wear. Gold is a relatively soft metal. Links rubbing against each other become thinner and eventually break. Weak links noted during a check by a jeweler can be rebuilt. 

Other pieces worn less frequently should also be checked — though not as often as a ring that is worn daily. If you have a piece that sits in jewelry box most of the year, get it cleaned and checked before wearing it — if only to restore the dazzle of the stone for the big event. Diamonds, in particular, look better after cleaning because they attract minute dust and oil particles that diminish their ability to reflect light.

A clean diamond really sparkles.

You’d be amazed at how beautiful your jewelry looks — even seldom worn heirlooms — after a simple cleaning,” says Gross. “The stones really sparkle.” 

“Come into  Designer Gold to have your rings cleaned and checked whenever you’d like,” says Sadler. “It’s a free service that we have done ever since Paul opened his business in 1977.”


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