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Dave has never owned a scarf until moving to the Upper Valley.

A Former City Guy Finds Life in the Upper Valley to be Quiet But Just as Exciting

Before moving to the Upper Valley with his partner, now wife, Dave worked in New York City in the publishing industry by day, and wrote music blogs at night. Driven by his desire to help storytellers craft theirs, he explored the off-beat cultures still relatively untapped in the crowded New York City nightlife. "It wasn't enough to follow all the trendy daily free mags or blogs -- you had to go out to find that each block has its own niche to explore. Music was a common denominator, but everybody had something going on, from publishing zines to collectives, and not all of it was readily accessible to the rest of the city." 

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Since moving up to the much quieter Upper Valley, he's finding there's still plenty of the off-beat to explore and share with the rest of the community. "I don't think of myself as a trend follower," he says. "It really is about finding who's got a story to tell, telling it, and see where it goes after it's told."

What brought you to the Upper Valley?

My partner, now wife, got a job at Dartmouth College. It helped that I figured it was time for a change. Working in publishing and reporting for music blogs part-time, I wanted to find a way to put my skills toward doing something I'd love rather than keeping them separate. Now, I write freelance, and I write for the radio, another passion of mine. I met my wife at our college radio station!

What do people ask most often since moving from New York City?

There isn't a question so much a comment about how different it must be. I like to say the only difference is that instead of seeing buildings when I look up, I see trees and hills, and I can breathe easier. 

What has been your go-to must-see place when visitors have come to visit your new home?

Are they hungry?


Four Aces Diner. Always go to the place with the line out the door. 

And when they're not hungry? 

Main Street Museum in White River Junction. I'm usually there at least once a week for a regular program, or a good show every now and then. I think I can best describe it as the Upper Valley's best kept open secret. 

How do you spend your weekends?

My wife and I usually plan a hike -- there's plenty of trails, of course, and it usually coincides with planning to go for a cold brew after -- or canoeing along the Connecticut River. We like to bring our dog, even though he hates the water, but it's worth it when another boat or kayak comes by and tells us how cute he looks in his doggy life jacket. Essentially, if I am not indoors listening to music, you can find me running around Hanover -- my route is usually out to Occom Pond, then back home in West Lebanon, about five miles all together. 

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