Finding the right kennel

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Finding the right kennel

Finding the right kennel

Let’s face, planning and getting ready for your summer getaway can warrant a vacation.  Between putting a hold on the mail to the extra load at work, there are dozens of details to contend with before your ten days of peaceful bliss.

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One of those decisions may include your dog’s private vacation at the local kennel.  Before you choose a place, here are some things to consider and helpful tips from the professionals at Happy ?????

Does the facility look and smell clean?

Is there sufficient ventilation and light? 

Is a comfortable temperature maintained? 

Does the staff seem knowledgeable and caring? 

Are pets required to be current on their vaccinations, including the vaccine for canine kennel cough (Bordetella)? (Such a requirement helps protect your animal and others.)

Does each dog have his own adequately sized indoor-outdoor run or an indoor run and a schedule for exercise?

Are outdoor runs and exercise areas protected from wind and rain?

Are resting boards and bedding provided to allow dogs to rest off the concrete floor?

How often are pets fed? 

Can the owner bring a pet's special food? 

What veterinary services are available? 

Are other services available such as grooming, training, bathing? 

How are rates calculated?

It's also a good idea to accustom your pet to longer kennel stays by first boarding her during a short trip, such as a weekend excursion. This allows you to work out any problems before boarding your pet for an extended period.

When you arrive with your pet at the boarding facility, remind the staff about any medical or behavior problems your pet has, such as a history of epilepsy or fear of thunder. After the check-in process, hand your pet to a staff member, say good-bye, and leave. Avoid long, emotional partings, which may upset your pet. Finally, have a good trip, knowing that your pet is in good hands and will be happy to see you when you return.


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